In an increasingly mobile and social media-driven world, there is a growing demand for applications that allow for immediate validation and verification of documents, photos, and images. Statistics reveal that people spend on average several hours a day on social media, creating a suitable market for an application that uses artificial intelligence to ensure authenticity and privacy of generated content. Our application, MuzzSnap, addresses this need by providing blockchain-based verification and validation tools, ensuring that each content is linked to an identity for traceability. With a controlled approach to artificial intelligence, MuzzSnap positions itself as a reliable and secure solution for document and photo verification in today's digital world. Reinforcing privacy and authenticity in the digital age, MuzzSnap is the reliable tool that guarantees the validity and originality of content generated on mobile devices and shared on social media.

Problems to solve

The widespread use of AI-generated images poses a challenge in terms of authenticity and traceability. Without proper control, it is difficult to guarantee who created the image and whether it is copyrighted or a precise representation of reality. This can lead to issues of intellectual property, copyright infringement, and lack of trust in the authenticity of images used in social media and other contexts. There is a need for tools that allow for verification and validation of AI-generated images, linking them to an identity and ensuring traceability to guarantee their authenticity and legal use. With MuzzSnap, we aim to address this problem by offering an easy-to-use application that allows users to generate NFTs of images and documents, verified through blockchain, ensuring the authenticity and traceability of the generated content. Using AI, but with proper control to ensure the identity of the creator. With this, we hope to provide users with a reliable tool to validate and verify their images and documents.

Use of the platform

Users can download the MuzzSnap application on their mobile devices or access it through the web. Once they have taken a photo, the application will allow them to convert it into an NFT through integration with different popular blockchain networks. Users can also edit the photo using the editing tools available in the application, enabling them to customize their content. Additionally, the application offers blockchain verification tools that allow professionals to authenticate documents and photos in real-time, ensuring the security and ownership of the generated files.


The MuzzSnap project aims to use the soulbound token called IDmuzz as a user verification system, which will allow connecting an entire ecosystem of related applications. This approach will give users the ability to verify their identity and authenticity in using the application, which in turn will increase confidence in the generation of digital assets (Non-Fungible Tokens) and the real-time validation of documents and photos. In addition, the use of the soulbound token will allow for traceability of actions and activities performed in the application, ensuring the security and privacy of users. This integration of IDmuzz as a user verification system will provide an additional layer of trust and security in the use of MuzzSnap and its interaction with other applications within the ecosystem. This will promote the adoption of the application and its positioning as a reliable and secure tool for the generation and verification of digital assets. Also, the integration of the soulbound token will allow for strategic partnerships with other applications in the ecosystem, creating synergies and collaboration opportunities that will benefit users and strengthen the positioning of MuzzSnap in the market.

Business model

MuzzSnap's business model focuses on the B2B segment, offering a blockchain-based image and document verification solution to companies and professionals. However, the end user plays a crucial role in the adoption and success of the application. End users, such as photographers, artists, and content creators, would use MuzzSnap to generate Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) from their images and documents, thus verifying their authenticity and ownership. This would provide end users with the necessary confidence and security when sharing their content online, protecting their copyrights and ensuring traceability of their creations. In summary, MuzzSnap's business model benefits both business customers (B2B) and end users (B2C) to offer a complete and effective solution in the world of NFTs and image verification.

Team approach

The MuzzSnap team is comprised of experts in blockchain technology, mobile application development, and digital security. Each team member brings extensive experience in their field and is committed to Muzzle's vision of providing an easy-to-use and secure platform for the generation and verification of digital assets. The project's approach is based on technological innovation, security, and user-friendliness.

Interaction within an ecosystem with other projects through Soulbound Token

MuzzSnap has a close interaction with other projects in the blockchain ecosystem through its native token IDMuzz (SBT). Users can use SBT to send, buy and sell verified digital assets on the MuzzSnap platform, as well as access premium features of the application, such as advanced editing tools or additional blockchain verification services. Additionally, MuzzSnap seeks to establish strategic partnerships with other blockchain projects and platforms to promote the adoption of NFTs and strengthen its presence in the market.

Traceability and Contribution to Solutions

MuzzSnap offers an innovative and secure solution for the generation and verification of content, allowing users to protect their intellectual property and ensure the authenticity of their online content. Traceability is the basic goal generated on the platform and recorded on the blockchain, enabling users to track the ownership and history of each digital asset. In addition, MuzzSnap also contributes to the promotion of NFT adoption in different sectors, such as art, music, sports, intellectual property, entertainment, and personal use, by offering a new way to monetize and promote digital content.


  • Transaction fees: Small fees are established for each sale of Non-Fungible Tokens generated through the platform.
  • Advertising: Advertising space could be offered in the application for advertisers interested in reaching the user base.
  • Premium subscriptions: Premium version of the application with additional features such as editing and productivity-focused tools, for which users would have to pay a monthly or annual fee.

Advantages of the MuzzSnap application

  • Easy and fast generation of digital assets: The MuzzSnap application offers an intuitive user interface that allows users to take photos and turn them into NFTs quickly and easily, without the need for specialized technical knowledge.
  • Photo editing tools: The application also offers integrated photo editing tools that allow users to customize their content before converting it into NFTs, providing them with greater flexibility and creativity in the creation of their digital assets.
  • Blockchain verification: MuzzSnap offers blockchain verification tools that ensure the authenticity and ownership of the generated digital assets, providing greater security and reliability to users in the digital market.
  • Transfer through social networks: The application allows users to transfer their NFTs through different social networks, which expands the options for promoting and monetizing their digital assets online.
  • Wide NFT market: MuzzSnap allows users to access a wide market of NFTs, providing them with opportunities for buying, selling, and exchanging digital assets in a growing and dynamic community.

Services offered by the MuzzSnap application

  • NFT generation: Users will be able to use the application to turn their photos into NFTs, allowing them to create unique and exclusive digital assets.
  • Photo editing tools: The application will offer photo editing options such as filters, color adjustments, and cropping, so that users can customize their content before turning it into NFTs.
  • Blockchain verification: MuzzSnap will offer blockchain verification tools that will allow professionals to verify documents and photos in real-time, ensuring the authenticity and ownership of the generated digital assets.
  • NFT transfer: The application will allow users to transfer their NFTs through different social media and platforms, making it easier to promote and monetize their digital assets online.
  • Access to an NFT marketplace: MuzzSnap will offer users an online marketplace where they can buy, sell, and exchange NFTs, providing opportunities to actively participate in the NFT economy. This also includes connecting to MuzzPlace where the interface guarantees a wide range of tools.
  • Premium services: The application will also offer premium services, such as advanced editing tools, additional blockchain verification services, and options for featured promotion in the NFT marketplace, for those users who want additional functionality and greater visibility in the digital market.
  • Customer support: MuzzSnap will provide efficient and friendly customer support, to resolve any questions, doubts, or issues that users may have in using the application. This will ensure a positive and satisfactory experience for platform users.


Work Plan and Roadmap for MuzzSnap

  • Development and launch of the beta version of the MuzzSnap application.
  • Internal testing of NFT generation functionality, photo editing tools, and blockchain verification.
  • Improvements and adjustments based on beta user feedback.
  • Implementation of security measures and data protection.
  • Design and launch of the official MuzzSnap website to promote the application and generate interest in the market.
  • Official launch of the MuzzSnap application in app stores (App Store and Google Play Store).
  • Marketing and promotion campaigns to increase the visibility and reach of the application.
  • Implementation of monetization options, such as a premium subscription system within the application.
  • Integration with popular social networks and platforms to facilitate the transfer of digital assets.
  • Improvements to photo editing functionality and blockchain verification tools based on user feedback.
  • Market analysis and trends in the digital assets market to adapt MuzzSnap's service offerings.
  • Implementation of advanced editing tools and featured promotion options in the market.
  • Expansion of the user community through collaborations with influencers and industry events.
  • Improvements to the user interface and user experience based on user feedback.
  • Security and data protection updates based on the latest industry regulations and standards.
  • Analysis of application performance and results in the market.
  • Evaluation of growth opportunities and expansion globally.
  • Planning for future updates and improvements based on market and user needs.
  • Continued marketing and promotion campaigns to maintain application visibility in the market.
  • Ongoing maintenance and support for users, including addressing inquiries and concerns.