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The identification system is a protocol that allows each user to validate their wallet and exercise usage rights on the DAO platform. With IDmuzzle, we bring each individual closer to organized decentralization. But even more important is its value in ensuring traceability and balance within a community.




Protective wallet (MuzzLock)

The Muzzle token has a unique characteristic distinguishing it from all other Cryptocurrencies. It has a protective wallet for investors (Muzzle lock)...


Project Funding

The wallet’s mission is to invest funds in future projects, generate alliances/partnerships with emerging Blockchains, Dapps, Dex, plus Web3...


Community Driven

One of the very few tokens where holders will have the power to bring their Tricks(ideas) into the blockchain and generate new forms of revenue...



Every dog’s bark will count and be heard equally in the MuzzlePack Dao. It doesn’t matter who got the loudest bark. We are a big dog pack that is heard as one...


Token sale Information

Total Token Supply 21,000,000,000 MUZZ

Token Distribution

  • Liquidity
  • Exchange
  • Operation Development
  • Team
  • Partnership
  • Treasury DAO

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It is an innovative initiative in the world of cryptocurrencies, as it focuses on protecting investors and building a reserve fund through a tax that is applied to each purchase or sale of tokens. This percentage collected allows for liquidity generation, which is managed and controlled through management software that allows a DAO to decide the objective of these resources.

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MuzzDao has presented a project based on the construction of software that allows users to publish, vote, and contribute to projects in a decentralized and arbitrated way. The platform's goal is to build an ecosystem in which users can interact through a Soulbound Token-validated MuzzID, thus ensuring traceability and efficiency in the DAO.

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IDMuzz is an innovative project that seeks to guarantee user security and privacy through a decentralized identification system based on blockchain technology. Its main goal is to enable users to validate their wallet and exercise their right to use the DAO platform, bringing them closer to an organized decentralization and ensuring traceability and balance within a community.

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The angular basis of our DAO project lies in our management software, which is the tool that allows us to create a solid and scalable structure. We believe that technology is the key to building a true decentralization, which allows the community to have an important role in decision-making and project success.

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